Making your list, adding names daily and inviting are important Daily Actions in order to have Success in Network Marketing but most won’t buy your product or join you in business on the first exposure. The Fortune is in the Follow-Up! And the importance of follow-up is what I want to talk with you about today.

I’ve personally gone through periods of time in my business when I allowed life to get in the way… and I failed to follow-up with my potential customers and prospects. That was SO STUPID! Seriously, that’s a dumb, dumb thing to do!

I hope my honesty isn’t offensive. I’d never call anyone stupid or dumb. In fact, I’m not even calling myself stupid or dumb but my action or more appropriately, my NON-ACTION was both stupid and dumb, for sure.

To make an investment in a business, even if it was a small one. Then to take the time and effort to make a list, add to that list… invite someone to take a look, then NOT follow-up can only be described as stupid and dumb!

These stats below are about ‘sales’ but I’m pretty confident they are as true for inviting someone to take a look at a business opportunity, as well.

Fortune is in the Follow-Up

Fortune is in the Follow-Up









Every Saturday, I’m going to share all the ins and outs of proper follow-up. I’ll share tips and all the do’s and do not’s.

Before you leave my blog today, watch this 3 minute video with Follow-Up Tips from Eric Worre. I know you will find it helpful.


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P.S. Never forget… the FORTUNE IS IN THE FOLLOW-UP. If you aren’t going to follow-up, then don’t bother. Seriously. It’s a waste of your time and your prospect’s time, too. 


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