If you’ve not already  started your Goal Setting for 2016… the TIME IS NOW! The time is HERE!

“There is no short cut to achievement. Life REQUIRES thorough ‘preparation’ – veneer isn’t worth anything.” ~~ George Washington Carver

December 24, 2015… early in the morning, before the world was awake and before the Christmas Holiday frenzy hit, I started my planning for 2016. If you’ve followed my blog for long, it’s quite obvious I stand by the Six Daily Actions for Success in Network Marketing.

One of my six, is my AM ROUTINE (it’s actually #1) and part of my DAILY AM Routine is to DAILY review my goals (which I prefer to be in a video format… I refer to as my Vision Video). I feel as strongly about this as I do about brushing my teeth each morning, and in my younger years, my mom was a dental hygienist… so believe me when I say I BELIEVE STRONGLY about daily brushing! Thanks Mom!

For 2016, I’m making a shift in how I approach my year…

at first, I thought it was a bit CRAZY, so take this as a warning… you might think the same. PLEASE, stick with me, though (your goals depend on it!)… as I did more research and continued in my reading, I’m honestly more excited about my goals than I’ve EVER been in all my many years of setting goals for the New Year. I’m 55 years old, so that’s a BOLD statement and truth!

Grab a copy of The 12 Week Year ‘Get More Done in 12 Wees Than Others Do in 12 Months by Brian Moran and Michael Lennington AND don’t just buy the book, buy the AUDIO BOOK, too. I prefer www.audible.com This way, you can Read, listen — apply. Read, listen — apply. Read, listen — apply.

I like audio… so what we read can go from our head to our heart by hearing it again and again and again.

The 12 Week Year ‘Get More Done in 12 Wees Than Others Do in 12 Months is 188 pages (21 Chapters) and I have had people tell me… “Oh, I can’t read more than a Chapter a week.” Well, guess what the AUDIO for this book is only a few minutes past 5 hours TOTAL and the narrator reads very slow! This is NOT a book that will take you 21 weeks to complete.

Seriously, you need less than 6 hours!

Is your Successful FUTURE not worth 6 hours of your time!

  1. Buy the book. Yes, both hard copy and in audio.
  2. Subscribe to my list. 

I’ll be referencing this material over and over again in 2016.


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