If you do this one thing I’m teaching you today, and do it consistently, you can’t fail! Seriously. Today’s lesson is about the one thing most people in MLM do not do. In my opinion, this is why there are not more people earning a full-time income with their part-time home-based business. Today, I’m going to share with you… specifically how to earn a full-time income in network marketing.

And how YOU can experience network marketing success!

I believe in this ONE concept so deeply, I’m going to be as bold as to claim this to be one of the MOST MISSED network marketing tips for guaranteed success. When I say ‘missed,’  I don’t mean it’s not taught…. I mean we’re taught but we don’t grasp the IMPORTANCE of this simple, easy to (easy not to do) concept… so we don’t do it, then we fail.

What is it?


If you say you’re going to check back in a few days, a week or you set a specific time with your prospect to follow-up… DO IT.

Our industry is FULL of people who get excited, they have a few minutes to work their business… they make a few calls, then they disappear for days, weeks or months! They literally go missing in action!

Don’t let that be you!

You are the person who does what they say they’re going to do. People will respect that. They will notice and that’s the type of person we all want to have as a sponsor!

I read once, “You are either early or you are late. Time is valuable. People respect the person who does what they say they’re going to do.”

If you say you’re going to follow-up (and you BETTER BE saying this at the end of EVERY meeting; face to face or phone call… text or private message on Facebook, etc.), then DO IT!

I’d be willing to bet that ALL of the “network marketing success stories” include that success followed proper and timely follow-up! I’m not saying they NEVER dropped the ball but I can promise you they didn’t drop the ball to the top! They learned from their mistakes and corrected where needed, used a physical or electronic calendar on the days they committed to work and followed-up with their prospects consistently.

If I could give you only one of the “network marketing secrets” I’ve learned through the years… this would be it, “Treat your part-time Network Marketing Business, like you would treat a part-time job! Show up and WORK the hours you committed to work.” Would you apply for a job, get hired and then NOT show up? Even for a part-time job? No way. Never. That would be irresponsible, wouldn’t you agree? Of course you do!

What’s so cool about your business, though… is YOU get to schedule your work! You’re not given your schedule each week… you SET YOUR schedule each week! You are the boss and you must hold yourself accountable.

Not one of the network marketing books on the fundamentals of building a network marketing business that I’ve read through the years hasn’t covered the skill of follow-up. Check out books by Sarah Robbins, Eric Worre, Brian Carruthers, Joe Rubino, Jan Ruhe and the list goes on and on!

Fortune is in the follow-up.


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