Earlier we talked about he importance of ending each conversation with scheduling the next one. If you missed that blog post, you can read click here to read it. Today, I want to give you the perfect wording for follow-up (perfect script). I learned this from Network Marketing Pro, Eric Worre.

Eric reminds us often, ‘the only reason to have an exposure (follow-up) is to set up the next exposure (follow-up).” The goal is to keep the process alive… until your prospect makes a decision.

When you make your scheduled follow-up call, and ask if they had a chance to review the website, recorded call, brochure, webinar, video, etc. (whatever the given material was), their reply will be, “Yes, I did.” or “No, I wasn’t able to.”

If they say no…

“No problem, I understand. When do you think you can get to it?” and proceed to schedule the next follow-up. And as we talked about in the How to Earn a Full-Time Income in Network Marketing blog post, be a professional… keep your word and follow-up on time, as you promised to.

Your a professional, so you call when you said you would and if they still have not had a chance to review the material, just repeat the process until… they do. Keep the process alive!

If they say yes…

“Great! What did you like best?”

This helps you to know to move forward with more ‘product’ information or more ‘opportunity’ information.

Next, I ask, “On a scale of 1 to 10, 1… being no interest at all and 10 being ready to get started NOW, where are you? Usually their response will be 5, 6 or 7… regardless I ask, “How can I get you to a __ (offering a number 2 – 3 higher)? Almost always, this response goes hand in hand with their response to the “What did you like best?”

If their number is fairly high, you can assume they are likely ready to get started… if not, your going to assign the next material for them to review; try to product, compensation plan, etc. and SCHEDULE the next follow-up!

This is an emphasis on NEVER, EVER finish one exposure without scheduling the next follow-up appointment, then of course… like we’ve talked about before — be a professional and follow-up on time!


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