In today’s blog post, I’m sharing my personal favorite “5 Best Books for Follow-Up.”

I know you must be tired of reading the same thing Tuesday after Tuesday, where I’ve brought up again and again Darren Hardy’s Personal Plan. It’s REALLY that important! Until I became serious about  my professional development plan, it didn’t matter how HARD I worked, my career wasn’t working!

If you’ve not taken a couple of minutes and watched Darren Hardy’s video, please…. and do it now!

Darren reminds us to choose ONE Skill… and to select 5 Books, 3 CDs/DVDs and 1 Seminar to read. listen to and attend over 90 days. You must choose the ONE Skill you want to improve on.







9 Most Important Skills needed for Success in Network Marketing

  1. Goal Setting / Dream Building; if you don’t know your why, or what it is you want… you’ll likely quit
  2. Time Management / Putting Your Life on Paper / Using a Calendar; life gets in the way(if you let it)… unless you treat your Network Marketing Business like a business or if you’ve never owned your own business, then maybe “treating it like a job” will resonate with you better
  3. Prospecting; finding people to talk to
  4. Inviting; asking someone you’ve talked to (a prospect) to try your product or take a look at the opportunity
  5. Follow-Up; following up with those who say no (which usually means ‘not now’)
  6. Presenting; when someone says “Yes, show me more,” giving a presentation… of your product (service) or the opportunity
  7. Duplication; getting the serious new distributor or consultant started fast so they can experience success
  8. Tracking; you can’t improve what you don’t know isn’t working
  9. Leadership; to have others follow, they must have someone that leads

and today, I’m giving you My TOP FIVE ‘go to’ books for #5, Follow-Up; following-up with those who say no (which usually means ‘not now’)

  1. Go Pro (Chapter 7) by Eric Worre
  2. Building an Empire by Brian Carruthers
  3. Rock Your Network Marketing Business by Sarah Robbins
  4. The 7-Step System to Building a $1,000,000 Network Marketing Dynasty by Joe Rubino
  5. Click to Read this Article on Follow-Up by Tim Sales

If wanting or needing to learn to get better at Follow-Up and not dropping the ball with your prospects… order 1 – 4 above. #5 is a freebie! Now, read them all over the next 90 days!

Remember to schedule 30 minutes a day to READ! My favorite calendar is Google Calendars. So easy to use. Block out time to read, listen and when you will make those follow-up messages and calls with your prospects.


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P.S. Anytime I find myself forgetting to ‘work on myself more than my business’ (and this usually means my results aren’t where they need to be), I stop and listen to Jim Rohn. Listen in, maybe he can help you, too!   

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