Inviting use to be the most stressful part of my career as a Professional Network Marketer until…. a mentor said, “When it comes to Inviting – Take the Pressure Off!”

Right! I thought, that’s easy for YOU to say. You are a pro at this. You are so much better at inviting than I am. You are making a ton of money from your Network Marketing business. Of course it’s no pressure for YOU!

Of course, I didn’t say that but I sure thought it.

Over time, though, he was right. Once I ‘took the pressure off’ and started inviting without concern with the end result and without taking a ‘no thank you’ as a personal rejection, the fear and the pressure was gone and low and behold, my business started growing!

I love the way Sarah Robbins describes inviting – take the pressure off as that of a waitress who is serving coffee. When I first heard her talk about this… my memories quickly returned to my mom and I on a Wednesday night at the local Luby’s Cafeteria. My dad worked the night shift at the time and my mom and I were regulars at Luby’s Cafeteria on Wednesday nights for dinner. That’s where I developed my love for baked fish, green beans, mac and cheese…. and of course banana pudding!

Inviting - Take the Pressure Off!

Inviting – Take the Pressure Off!

The server would come around asking if we wanted a refill for our tea. I was young and never drank all of one glass, much less more than that… so I always replied with “No thank you” but my mom would usually say yes.

The waitress never took a no as a rejection… she just smiled and went on to the next table.

No doesn’t mean no forever, it might but it might simply mean, not now! Circle around to others… then check back (follow-up) at a later date and you might get a yes!

What I want you to get from today’s post is to relax! Invite without any pressure of the outcome. Very, very seldom is someone ugly or hateful and if they are… get back on the horse ASAP! The ugliness or hatefulness isn’t about you 99.9999% of the time. It’s almost ALWAYS about that person and where they are coming from… it’s about ‘other things’ going on in their life.

YOU are a professional! Keep inviting… handle those who say yes then remember, circle around and come back to those who say no thank you later on!



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