Once you understand that the REASON for each follow-up (face to face or phone call) is to set up the next follow-up, then guess what? Each time you meet with a prospect or pick up the phone to call a prospect, all of your follow-ups will become a No Pressure Follow-Up!


Let go of the outcome. Continue to BE PROFESSIONAL and do your job… follow-up, on time and consistently over time and the outcome (results of building a team) will take care of itself!

Professionals understand it can take four, five, six or more exposures before a prospect will decide to join (get involved).
Professionals understand their job is to educate.
Professionals understand their job is to make sure their prospect understands.

Professionals know if is difficult to educate someone with only one or two exposures.

And there’s a bonus! Through the process of multiple follow-up (exposures), the relationship will be strengthened.

Be sure you understand ‘averages’ —- for every prospect who joins on the FIRST exposure, there will be one who takes TEN exposures! Some of the most successful people I know in the Network Marketing industry took YEARS (of being prospected / asked to take a look at an opportunity) before they said yes!

It’s a balancing act. You want to have urgency, yet be patient.

And always, always, always remember the reason for each follow-up (exposure) is to schedule the next one and this turns every meeting / phone call into a NO PRESSURE FOLLOW-UP.

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