Click to listen and watch Mountains Move; Four Anchors

Ironic? A coincidence? I don’t think so. Last week after my prayer and devotional time, I listened to Mark Batterson’s Four Anchors and Managing Expectations podcast on my Sunday morning walk.

In last Sunday’s blog post I reflected on my reading in my Maxwell Leadership Bible and on Time Management. Well, then listening to Mark Batterson immediately afterwards… his words really popped out for me. He said, (and I won’t quote because I was walking so was not taking notes) but he said something like, we must be good stewards of our money and of our time. Money management and time management are important but today I want to talk to you about managing your EXPECTATIONS.


I hope you will take 42 minutes and listen to Mark Batterson’s August 7, 2016 message. Here is the link – Mountains Move; Four Anchors

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