Hey there and welcome! I remember when I joined my first Direct Sales company… there was no mindset training, no personal development training — we were taught to sell, sell, sell and sponsor, if it worked out. If only I’d been taught way back then how success was connected to how to find your why!

Please, don’t blow this off! 

Originally, my why was to earn a few hundred dollars a month, in place of going to the mall or taking up a hobby that would cost money… but would provide an opportunity to get out of the house a night or two a week and prevent me from going bonkers! I won’t go into it all but you can read more about my story here… if you’d like to know more. 

Over time… and a few more companies, thank goodness is wasn’t just taught, how to find your why was stressed again and again!  And I believe this is even more important for us women… than for men, although both can certainly go farther, faster when they ‘suck it up’ and determine their why! I’ll be the first to admit, though it sounds simple, it can be difficult to get to the REAL answer. 

No worries. I’m here to help you. We’re gonna do this and get you on your way to building your fortune!!!

Steps for How to Find Your Why

  1. Block off some time on your calendar. In the beginning 15 minutes is good enough but take more time, if you can. You really don’t need more than 30 minutes, though! 
  2. Go to a place you won’t be interrupted and where you enjoy; the park, coffee shop, a room in your house… but where you can be alone (no cell phone, no kiddos, no hubby or animals allowed!)
  3. Make sure you have pen, paper and download (below) your copy of How to Find Your Why fill in the blank worksheet. 
  4. Write out 3 – 5 “feelings” more time would give you (and your family), if money were no object.  
  5. Write out 3 – 5 “things” you (and your family) would do or have, if money were no object. 
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Let’s Summarize; How to Find Your Why

With the notes you took in your 15 – 30 minutes of quiet time alone… grab your printed copy of “How to Find Your Why” — fill in the blank worksheet. 

Be sure to list out your Top FIVE from your 6 – 10 ‘feelings’ or ‘things’ you (and your family) will have or do when you earn $___________ a month in your Network Marketing business on your worksheet, as well. 

TIP: Read over “Your Why” in the morning and in the evening!

Now, if you are like me… and you want to dig deeper in this mystical “WHY” thing, I want you to check out Simon Sinek and “Start With Why” — well worth looking into! 

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Feel free to share with your team and friends that are struggling in their Network Marketing / Direct Sales business… it’s very likely their struggles will fade away when they study up on How to Find Your Why

Kathy Schneider

Faith. Family. Fortune.



P.S. – Once you’ve conquered How to Find Your Why… you’ll want to grab a copy of My Proven Home Business Action Plan; 6 Activities to Guarantee Your Success in Just a Few Hours a Week. Your why is #1 of 6, so you are well on your way! 

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