I remember when I first heard the phrase; Daily Method of Operation for Network Marketing Success

My thought was, “YES!!! Finally, someone who knows exactly what it takes to be successful in Network Marketing.”

And I was right! What I’m sharing with you today… is exactly what I was taught to have success and believe me… if it worked for me (and it did!), it can work for you to be a Professional Network Marketer, too!

So, what does it mean to be a Professional? 

Let’s talk about that before we go any further. Being a ‘professional’ means… engaged in a specified activity as one’s main paid occupation rather than as a pastime.

Isn’t that what you want out of your Network Marketing business? For your business to be your main paid occupation? 


Then, stick with me… I’m going to show you exactly what it takes to make it happen. 

The Daily Method of Operation for Network Marketing Success

  1. Mindset
  2. Belief
  3. Expand Your Network
  4. Talk to People
  5. Education

Daily Method of Operation (DMO) for Network Marketing Success

1. Mindset – Your MINDSET impacts your success. In fact, I’ve heard it’s 90% mental and 10% skills. Personally, I think it’s 100% mindset! Why? Because if your mindset isn’t right, you won’t do what it takes to learn the skills. 

You must have the mindset of, “I’m going to be successful… no matter what it takes and no matter how long it takes!”  

Work on your mindset EVERY day. And if you’re thinking, “I just don’t have time.” No worries, I share how in as little as 6 minutes a day you can do this — we can all find 6 minutes! Check out my Miracle Morning Routine 

“You must master a new way to think before
you can master a new way to be.”
 ~~ Marianne Williamson  

2. Belief – You must, absolutely MUST have belief… in yourself, the Network Marketing business model, your company and product (or service) but most importantly, you MUST BELIEVE IN YOU!!!

If you don’t believe, it comes out in your voice.. your prospects can hear it — even if you aren’t actually saying the words;

“This is never going to work.”
“I’m not committed to XYZ Company.”  
“These products aren’t really all that good.”

I talked about this just a few weeks back and went into much more detail. If you are struggling with “BELIEF” of any kind when it comes to your business, check out this blog post.

“If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!” ~~ Henry Ford  

3. Expand Your Network – YES!!! Everyday… make a new friend or two or three or more! This is so incredibly simple to do with the Internet now. 

How? There are so many ways online (and offline) but the first way that comes to mind online is Facebook Groups or Facebook Pages. 

Why Facebook and not Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. — well… look at this graph of US (only) Facebook Users in 2015, 2016 and projected through 2021. Not sure you will be able to see the small type on the left hand side of this graph, but these numbers are in the MILLIONS!

Daily Method of Operation for Network Marketers

With Facebook projected to have 211.7 million users in 2021 just in the USA alone… wouldn’t you agree you might want to hang out and meet some of these people?

And it’s so simple to learn to do.

Find a few groups and pages where people hang out that you have things in common with.

I’ll give you a few examples;

  • I have a FitBit that I’m more than a little addicted to! Guess what? There are FitBit groups! 
  • I work out at home with our Treadmill and Rebounder. Guess what? There are Rebounder Groups! Not sure what a Rebounder is… check out the Benefits of Rebounding
  • Facebook Groups or Pages where other Network Marketers might hang out; Eric Worre, Ray Higdon, Sonia Stringer… just to name a few.  

Network, hang out, and offer value. Like and comment on posts and engage. Think of yourself as being in a room at a live Networking Event. It’s the same thing but online. Visit and talk. Don’t pitch, just make connections and new friends!

How many? 2 – 5 NEW Friends Every Day! 

Are you asking, “But what do I say? How do I go from a comment or a like to making a new friend?” 

Download the video (below) where I show you a BIG TIP (a secret tip) on “How you can Make New Friends on Facebook” daily, and add 150 NEW leads to your list a month. 

And no worries, I’ll also provide scripts for what to say in your messages when you reach out to these new friends! 

DAily Method of Operation for Network Marketers

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4. Talk to People – why do we make this so difficult?


Just stop it!

Just be you.

Be genuine!

And yes, you can do this online, in fact I encourage you to do so! Take what I taught you in the video above… (you did request the video? Right? If not, do it now… I’ve provided the link again below),
then just be you,
be genuine and
DO IT every day.

Make 5 new friends a day and engage every day with your friends (or at least an average of 5 days a week) if you really want to be a Network Marketing Professional!

5. Education – Okay, I’ll admit this one is easy for me and maybe it’s the ‘teacher’ in me. Once a teacher, always a teacher.

Yes, I believe in education but I’ll be the first to admit that education DOES NOT mean ‘formal’ education.

What I’m talking about is reading, listening to audios, dialing in to conference calls,  attending webinars, investing in online courses, attending conferences (both in your company and outside of your company).

Today, we’re talking about the Daily Method of Operation for Network Marketing Success and of course all the forms of educating yourself in the sentence just above can not be done DAILY but ‘reading and listening to audios’ sure can!

So yes, EVERY DAY, you need to read and/or listen to audios on on Personal and Professional Development. Titles that will help your MINDSET and/or your SKILL SET. 

Check out this short video from Caleb Maddix, who shares how (at 14 years old) reading success books has impacted his life!!  

“Your business will grow only as much as you do.” 

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A Daily Method of Operation for Network Marketing Success does not need to be difficult, nor does it need to take a ton of time. Consistency of just a few daily habits can make you… or break you. Hang out with people going where you want to go… in fact, join us over at our MLM Freedom Community!

We have fun and help keep one another on track. We’re a community of various companies yet all focused on the same results… to become Network Marketing Professionals earning a full-time income, working part-time hours and encouraging others to do the same!  

Kathy Schneider

Faith. Family. Fortune.



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