How are you spending your time online?

Really! How are you spending your time online? You don’t have to answer to me… but you should be able to answer to yourself.

I was reading this morning from the John Maxwell Leadership Bible on how Leaders Value Time, They Don’t Kill It in Psalm 39:4, 5

My husband Jimmy and I have always been in agreement that we can always make more money, but time can never be gotten back (other than the memories)… so we’re careful about choosing how and where we spend our time!

How are you spending your time online? And are the ‘tasks’ you are doing… worth the time invested?

Maxwell suggests, “A leader needs to wonder if the task is worth the time investment. What would happen if the leader wasn’t the one doing it? Would there be someone else who could do it just as well, and for whom the task would be time better spent?

A good leader knows that time is like gold, and good “spending habits” are essential. It’s just that in this case the units are MINUTES not DOLLARS. Knowing how you are spending your time online is especially an important thing to know. 

If you don’t know where your time goes–that’s a danger signal. If you can save small bits of time, and consolidate them into a chunk of time that can be spent on something worthwhile–that’s like ‘found money.’

If leaders can number their minutes and hours, ‘numbering their days’ will be easier.”

We can’t ‘fix’ what we don’t know is broken… or better said in this explanation, we can’t change bad habits, if we aren’t aware of those habits! 


So… are you ready to take control and manage your time? It begins with awareness. And to have awareness, you must somehow be tracking what it is you are doing. 

The tool I use and recommend for time tracking and time management is Time Doctor.

So we’ve covered the importance of tracking your time… what exact activities should you be doing when it comes to the question of HOW are you spending your time online?

Well, I go into details on a blog post I wrote just a few weeks back; Daily Method of Operation for Network Marketing Success 

Be sure and check out my prior blog post but first… grab this tracking chart below!

In only 30 days of tracking your TIME, using Time Doctor… and tracking your activities using this tracking chart, you’ll know where you need to make adjustments. 

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