One of the best Network Marketing Tips that was ever shared with me is what I’m sharing with you today! 


We each have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or 365 days a year.

What we do with each of our 24 hours a day… is what determines where we’ll be in a year. Wouldn’t you agree?

I mean, this is even true for our health, our fitness, our relationships and every other area of our lives. 

Just this morning, my husband and I had to attend our daughter’s school for a ‘parenting’ class. Two parenting classes a year are required for every parent. The class we chose to attend was on the topic of “Summer and How We Spend Our Time, and How We Direct Our Children to Spend Their Summertime”.

We were reminded, we don’t want to find ourselves saying, ‘I wish we would have’, or ‘we should have’ at the end of the Summer.  

The same can be said for your Network Marketing business. 

You know this but I have to say it, You don’t want to look up a year from now, and in regards to your business find yourself saying, “I wish I would have”, or “I should have”.

Agree? Super! 

Then that being said and agreed on, I want you to study this 24 Hours a Day Chart below… before you read on.


Now, from looking at this chart above… having enough ‘time’ to build our business is not the question.

The question is, “What am I doing with the time I have?”

If you are looking at this chart and saying, “But… my schedule is [whatever]” — I want you to take ONE WEEK and literally track every minute of every day.


Network Marketing Tips

Document what you are doing every single minute for the next 7 days… then determine ‘for real’ how much time you have remaining.

You want (and NEED) to determine where you ‘waste’ the most time and where you can use your time more efficiently and effectively.

I use a service called and it’s only $5 bucks a month!

I’m a firm believer that time is money… so wasting our time is no different than throwing money out the window! at $5 bucks a month keeps me on task… which makes me money! 

More Network Marketing Tips

Once you’ve tracked your time… and determined how much time you REALLY have to build your Network Marketing business, the next step is to learn what activities you should be doing.

Before we go there, though… I want to share with you a short story that was shared with me by the same mentor who shared a similar chart (to the one above) with me back in my early, early days of my Network Marketing career.  

The story went something like this —

When asked, “How long have you been building your business?” Most people respond with something like, “I just started a couple of months ago…” or “I started a year ago…” or “I just started a yesterday!”

Those answers seem appropriate. Right?


Let me explain. This is going to BLOW YOUR MIND.

It did mine and I’ve never forgotten the point of this story… and that’s why I’m sharing it with you! 

Let’s say you have two consultants who sign-up and start with you on the same day.Their ‘start’ day is exactly the same. 

We’ll use the date of March 7 (my birthday) as our example for their start date. Both have been told, this is a 3 year plan to reach the income goals they’ve set.

Will their results be the same? Likely not. 

You see… it’s not REALLY how long they are in the business.


How Many (what?)

  • Days their Goals, Visions and Affirmations are reviewed 
  • Books are read (on Personal and Professional Development)
  • Audios are listened to (on Personal and Professional Development)
  • Classes taken/Training attended
  • Presentations viewed
  • Personal Reach-Outs (Invites or Exposures to the products or opportunity)

Which Determines

  • Number of Customers
  • Number of Personally Sponsored
  • Number in Organization
  • Income Per Month

You see, your success is determined by whether or not you are ACTIVELY Involved a year from now.

It’s DETERMINED by HOW MANY, not by How Long! 

Check out this short video we recorded for our MLMFreedomCommunity. It provides a clear explanation of being Actively Involved a year from now! 

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Network Marketing Tips; The Difference in being Actively Involved and NOT being Actively Involved

If what you’ve read so far hasn’t been enough to convince you to BECOME and REMAIN Actively Involved, then keep reading because what I’m about to share will close the deal! 

My mentor shared an example of David vs. Mary

How Many (what?)

  • Days their Goals, Visions and Affirmations are reviewed 
    • David = some days vs. Mary = most days
  • Books are read (on Personal and Professional Development)
    • David = 1 vs. Mary = 36 (1 a month)
  • Audios are listened to (on Personal and Professional Development)
    • David = 0 vs. Mary = 18 (one, every other month)
  • Classes taken/Training attended
    • David = 1 vs. Mary = 9 (one per quarter)
    • David = 1 vs. Mary = 30  
  • Personal Reach-Outs (Invites or Exposures to the products or opportunity)
    • David = 0 vs. Mary 2016
  • Two on One (3-Way calls / Messages) 
    • David = 0 vs. Mary = 28
  • Personally Sponsored
    • David = 2 vs. Mary = many more! 

My mentor, who I’ll be forever grateful to was Michael Clouse. I encourage you to check out his website for more Network Marketing Tips at He offers a wealth of information. 

  • Income per month
    • David = vs. $0.00 month vs. Mary = $5,780 month

Because “It’s Not How Long – It’s How Many.”

You see, like Clouse says, “The secret is knowing where time goes and that it’s NOT how long — but HOW many! Take these Network Marketing Success Tips and build your fortune!

If you got any value from this information, please share it to those you know, who could also benefit! 

Kathy Schneider

Faith. Family. Fortune.



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