For several years I subscribed to Network Marketing Times magazine! I saved every copy and have them all in my office and find myself frequently referencing and article from way back! Although ‘magazines’ aren’t as popular as they once were… online Blogs are and offer so much for us all to learn from! I also have several Blogs I enjoy reading and today I’m sharing my 3 favorite Network Marketing Blogs

I want to encourage you to bookmark each and reference them weekly! Your bank account will thank you! LOL

My 3 Favorite Network Marketing Blogs

  1. Tanya Aliza
  2. Ray Higdon
  3. Eric Worre

And this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning my daughter’s, which I never – ever miss reading! You can find Jordan’s blog at

Who are your favorite MLM Trainers? I’d love to hear from you! I have a list of 20+ so limiting this to only my favorite 3 was really, really tough! 

Kathy Schneider

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