Expanding Your Network During the Lazy Days of Summer

It’s true, you really can enjoy the Summer months, without your business taking a big dip! You just need to know the fundamentals for expanding your network during the lazy days of Summer.

There are three key elements;

  1. Places to expand your network
  2. What to say to your network
  3. Practice one simple strategy for expanding your network 

Places for Expanding Your Network During the Lazy Days of Summer

  1. Outdoor BBQs or other Outdoor Community Events
  2. Sporting Events
  3. Children’s Activities
  4. Farmer’s Markets
  5. Swimming Pool, the Beach or the Lake
  6. Golf Course
  7. Volunteer for Festivals, Fundraisers, and Other Events
  8. While on Vacation

What to Say to Your Network

This is so easy… if we don’t make it hard! And it actually becomes easier, the more we practice it.

First, challenge yourself to spend a few minutes talking to the people you don’t know at each activity you attend during the Summer. At first, you might have to make this very intentional but with just a little practice, it’ll become more natural. I promise.

Now, this is NOT a time to be a walking advertisement for your business! I’m not saying you can’t say a word about your business… that would be odd, if someone asked and you avoided their question completely!

Be careful, though and be sure you keep the topic of conversation more about the person you are talking to.

I’ve found asking questions makes it the easiest to keep conversation flowing.

Example topics might be; 

  1. Hobbies
  2. Travel
  3. Family (we all love talking about our kids, right?)
  4. Career
  5. Books, Movies, TV Shows, etc. 

A Simple Strategy for Expanding Your Network

I’m sure you are wondering, “So, I’m networking and meeting new people at all these Summer activities I’m attending… how do I introduce them to my business?”

Great question!

Here’s a simple strategy I learned just a couple of years ago and it’s been a key piece for growing my business.

Most everyone is on Facebook, right? It’s very likely, if you are enjoying the conversation with this new friend you’ve met, they are as well! That makes this not weird or odd at all…

Pull out your phone (likely, it’s already in your hand!) and click on your Facebook app, then say, “It was so nice meeting you today and I’ve really enjoyed chatting with you. Can we connect on Facebook?”

They will say, “Yes!, I’d love that!” (by the way, I have not once had anyone say no)

Then just hand them your phone and say, “Here, find yourself and I’ll send you a friend request.”

This is so, so simple and it truly works for growing your friends (expanding your network) all while loving the lazy days of summer!  

“Networking is more about ‘farming’ than it is about ‘hunting’.
It’s about cultivating relationships.” ~ Dr. Ivan Misner, BNI

Who do you know that would like to expand their network this Summer… naturally and at ease while simply living life? Feel free to share this post if you feel it might help.

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Kathy Schneider

Faith. Family. Fortune.



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