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Hey there! Kathy here.

VIP Entrepreneur Spotlight: Michele Belmote

Hey there! Kathy here.

Today our VIP Spotlight shines on fellow solopreneur, Michele Belmote.

She has mastered the art of daily gratitude, but has also integrated this practice into remarkable achievements.

Michele's story is a testament to what's possible when gratitude becomes a daily ritual in your solopreneur journey. Her insights and experiences are sure to leave you with even more tools in your arsenal as you embark on your path to solopreneur success.

We're uncovering Michele's secrets to success, the strategies that have propelled her to new heights, and the lessons she's learned along the way. You won't want to miss this exclusive glimpse into her world, as it's brimming with insights and wisdom that can supercharge your own business endeavors.

Let's dive into the interview!

What are you currently doing as an entrepreneur and how long have you been involved with this particular endeavor and what inspired you to pursue it?

I'm a Mary Kay consultant and emerging Coaching business owner, focusing on empowering mothers and busy women to establish effective self-care habits, routines, and home management systems. As a mother of four with granddaughters, I understand the need for these practices not just for household management but also for personal well-being.

Describe your typical daily routine, including your morning and evening habits? Are there any specific habits and/or routines that particularly contribute to your business success and your peace of mind within your busy schedule?

I have finely tuned routines that bookend my day. My morning begins at 4:50 am with yoga, meditation, affirmations, and journaling, usually focused on gratitude, followed by reading or listening to a business book like “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.” I work in focused 45-minute bursts until 7 am, then spend time with my husband.

In the evening, after handling dinner dishes and prepping coffee, I perform my skincare routine, choose the next day's outfit, and unwind, maybe with TV, meditation, or more reading. I aim to be in bed by 10 pm. I'll be sharing my evening routine as a downloadable template soon.

What are the top three sources that inspire you in your business journey, whether individuals, experiences, locations, etc?

In the Mary Kay sphere, I've learned immensely from Michelle Cunningham, whose Influencer Holiday Selling Secrets led me to Kathy and Jordan. Michelle educated me on personal branding, while LLA clarified what I want to teach and how to package it. My key influences are Michelle Cunningham, along with Kathy and her daughter, Jordan.

Are there any business tools or resources that you rely on to facilitate your day-to-today operations?

I struggle with technology and staying organized, which is something I'm improving through your YouTube channel. I prefer paper and notebooks for organization, though I do use Canva and find PowerDirector user-friendly for video editing.

Throughout your journey as an entrepreneur, what are key lessons you have learned that have steered you to your current success?

My journey is still in the early stages, but I believe finding a Coach and mentor is key. Always strive to be better and learn more and you need to challenge yourself. And give yourself grace!

On challenging days, weeks, or months, have you ever contemplated giving up? If so, how do you gather your strength and remain resilient to continue to pursue your entrepreneurial journey?

Oh , yes! I was just giving up this week lol! I will take out my affirmations and my vision video. My video has my ” why” very clear! I think knowing why you're doing something really helps when that something may be burning you out. My husband is my cheerleader too when I need one.

To round off, let's bring in a few personal aspects. What's your definition of success? Do you have a personal mantra that you live by? Can you also share a recent or favorite book you read that provided you with new insights or perspectives?

Success to me can be neverending if you do not have clear goals because when you succeed at something you have reached an aim or a purpose of sorts. So having a clear purpose or goal and reaching it… that is success.

  • I am a work in progress, and I can figure this out – my current mantra for myself
  • My current business read is Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook
  • My current personal development read is Girl, Stop Apologizing

Where can others connect with you online? Please provide links to the social media platforms you are most active on and a link to your website, if you have one.

Beyond The Boundaries Of Solopreneurship

Every solopreneur's success story is a symphony of hard work and dedication. By sharing these interviews, I aim to not only honor these exceptional individuals but also to impart actionable insights to fellow solopreneurs who aspire to optimize their businesses and create more time for what truly matters.

I invite you to take a moment to reflect on the pearls of wisdom our VIP Solopreneur, Michele Belmonte, has generously shared. Her journey is a reminder that success is often a result of aligning passion with strategy, and that with the right tools and mindset, one can achieve the delicate balance of working efficiently while reaping the rewards of her hard work. So, whether you're just starting on your solopreneurial expedition or are a seasoned traveler on this path, remember that the key lies not only in your destination but also in the brilliance of your journey.

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