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Hey there! Kathy here.

VIP Spotlight: Sailynn Doyle

Hey there! Kathy here.

Today we are shining our VIP Spotlight on Sailynn Doyle. She's a solopreneur extraordinaire who has cracked the code on how to work less and earn more by mastering the art of systemization.

Sailynn's story is a true inspiration, and her journey will not only motivate you but also provide invaluable insights into how you can implement these game-changing strategies in your own business. So, without further ado, let's get ready to uncover the secrets to Sailynn's remarkable success.

Let's dive into the interview!

What are you currently doing as an entrepreneur and how long have you been involved with this particular endeavor and what inspired you to pursue it?

I'm Sailynn Doyle, your devoted Business Coach. I aid busy female entrepreneurs in establishing efficient business models via my unique Legacy Business System, giving you both time and financial freedom. Since its inception in January 2021, the system has transformed numerous lives. I initiated this journey after participating in your beta program in Fall 2020, which inspired me to solidify my 20+ years of life, career, and business coaching experience into a structured business model for greater impact.

Describe your typical daily routine, including your morning and evening habits? Are there any specific habits and/or routines that particularly contribute to your business success and your peace of mind within your busy schedule?

Following your advice in a 2018 summer mastermind, I committed to a 90-day morning routine amid traveling across Australia's coast. This doubled my revenue and reduced my stress significantly. My present day starts with waking up naturally, drinking water for clarity, aligning myself with my visions and goals, performing physical activities, and completing my essential tasks during a Power Hour. After a healthy breakfast and consuming personal and professional development content, I finish my morning routine by 10am. I then work in optimized blocks, have meals with loved ones, and wind down with reading. Regardless of daily uncertainties, my morning routine ensures progress in my business and personal well-being.

What are the top three sources that inspire you in your business journey, whether individuals, experiences, locations, etc?

Embracing the “If she can do it, so can I” mindset, I learn from others' successes to tailor them to my unique journey. I gain inspiration and drive from books and podcasts, aiming to assist more women entrepreneurs. It's vital to network with admirable women for mutual joy and growth.

Are there any business tools or resources that you rely on to facilitate your day-to-today operations?

Even though I did not “get” social media at first and did not really use it personally or professionally until 2017, I am now very grateful for the power it holds which allows me to build a business remotely! I have been able to meet women across the world by building relationships online! Same thing with Canva, I struggled to use it in the beginning, but by taking messy action, I now use it daily in my business!

Throughout your journey as an entrepreneur, what are key lessons you have learned that have steered you to your current success?

Top 3 business lessons I've learned: 

1) Slowing down aids future vision and path-seeking. 

2) Personal well-being is paramount, without which business success isn't rewarding. 

3) Emphasize uniqueness and authenticity for sustained passion and purpose-driven work.

On challenging days, weeks, or months, have you ever contemplated giving up? If so, how do you gather your strength and remain resilient to continue to pursue your entrepreneurial journey?

Despite not giving up, I always embark on new tasks with an exit plan. I view no experiences as failures, just opportunities for learning. On difficult days, I rest—sleeping to rejuvenate my mind and start afresh on a cleaner course. To me, sleep is a cure-all!

To round off, let's bring in a few personal aspects. What's your definition of success? Do you have a personal mantra that you live by? Can you also share a recent or favorite book you read that provided you with new insights or perspectives?

Embrace your life! From my 13-year experience in senior care, no one longs for more work before their end. My success lies in balancing mind, body & soul, with my business decisions geared towards maintaining this harmony. If it's not aligned, I decline. I recently enjoyed “Present Over Perfect” by Shauna Niequist and strongly recommend its impactful message!

Where can others connect with you online? Please provide links to the social media platforms you are most active on and a link to your website, if you have one.

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/sailynndoyle

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sailynndoyle

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/SailynnDoyle

More Resources: https://www.passionpurposeposture.com/sailynn

Beyond The Boundaries Of Solopreneurship

Every solopreneur's success story is a symphony of hard work, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of organization in the midst of chaos. By sharing these interviews, I aim to not only honor these exceptional individuals but also to impart actionable insights to fellow solopreneurs who aspire to optimize their businesses and create more time for what truly matters.

I invite you to take a moment to reflect on the pearls of wisdom our VIP Solopreneur, Sailynn Doyle, has generously shared. Her journey is a reminder that success is often a result of aligning passion with strategy and that with the right tools and mindset, one can achieve the delicate balance of working efficiently while reaping the rewards of her hard work. So, whether you're just starting on your solopreneurial expedition or are a seasoned traveler on this path, remember that the key lies not only in your destination but also in the brilliance of your journey.

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