I help solopreneurs reach high performance with better habits and workflows by systematizing your business which increases organization and provides more productivity for the opportunity to scale without working more hours.

Hey there! Kathy here.

Organizing Google Docs To Work 10x Faster

Hey there! Kathy here.

Get ready to bring some order and zen into your bustling solopreneurial world. As a solopreneur, you wear multiple hats, juggle countless tasks, and sometimes wish there were more hours in a day. But what if I told you that by organizing your Google Docs, you can reclaim your time, work fewer hours, and still earn more money? Sounds like a dream, right? Well, get ready to turn that dream into a reality!

Getting organized is a sign of self-respect.

– Gabrielle Bernstein

Google Docs can be your ultimate sidekick when it comes to managing your documents efficiently. And trust me, once you experience the joys of a well-organized digital workspace, you'll wonder how you ever survived without it!

This Week's Affirmation

Organizing Google Docs

Say goodbye to the endless scroll and hunting for that elusive document—say hello to a streamlined, stress-free workflow that leaves you with more time for what truly matters. Let's dive in and transform your digital chaos into a well-oiled machine.

Organizing Google Docs To Find Your Work 10x Faster

In this week’s video,  I’m sharing my best tips for organizing your google drive for locating a file or document quickly and easily.

*Be sure to watch the video above if you are ready to organize your Google Drive never lose a Google file again!

It all starts with Folder Structure – The foundation of efficient organization is a clear folder structure. When set up properly, it's easy to locate essential files quickly. In the video, I cover these three steps in detail to set this up:

  1. Determine Your Main Categories
  2. Create Subcategories
  3. Use Naming Conventions

Also covered, in detail, in the video is the value of creating templates and how to create them, as well as color-coding and the too often missed feature in Google Drive, the ‘search’ functionality!

VIP Entrepreneur Spotlight: Kevin Plank

Now, let's turn the spotlight on someone who knows a thing or two about turning chaos into success. Meet Kevin Plank, the visionary entrepreneur behind a global athletic apparel empire. Imagine this: a young, determined solopreneur armed with a college side gig selling flowers. Meet Kevin Plank, the mastermind behind the globally recognized athletic apparel brand, Under Armour Inc. With a combination of sheer determination, a sprinkle of ingenuity, and a dash of resourcefulness, he kick-started his entrepreneurial journey from scratch.

Organizing Google Docs

Fresh out of college and fueled by his passion for football, Plank noticed the discomfort of sweat-soaked clothing. That's when inspiration struck, and he set out to create a game-changing solution—a moisture-wicking fabric that would revolutionize athletic wear.

Armed with nothing but his own savings, Plank managed to devise a prototype for a sweat-absorbing football jersey. And get this—he ran his start-up right out of his grandmother's house in Georgetown, Washington, DC. Talk about starting from humble beginnings!

But it wasn't all smooth sailing for Plank. He faced his fair share of challenges and rejections along the way. Sporting goods stores initially turned him down, but rather than letting these setbacks discourage him, he used them as fuel to refine his product and strategy. He believed in his vision, and his unwavering perseverance paid off when his product was finally recognized.

With limited finances, Plank had to get creative with his marketing strategies. He embraced grassroots marketing by giving away his gear to athletes and sports teams. This clever move resulted in endorsements from professional teams and athletes, generating valuable word-of-mouth marketing that propelled his brand forward. Plank understood the power of connecting with his audience on a personal level and leveraged every opportunity he had.

But Plank's journey didn't stop at creating a revolutionary fabric. He continually pushed the boundaries of innovation, staying ahead of competitors by understanding the needs of his users and adapting his products accordingly. From developing “Cold Gear” for chilly conditions to introducing “Heat Gear” for intense heat, he never settled for mediocrity.

Through his journey, Plank encountered numerous challenges—from financial constraints to fierce market competition and even crisis management. But instead of succumbing to adversity, he embraced these challenges and viewed them as opportunities for growth. He saw setbacks as detours on the road to success, charting a new path forward with resilience and determination.

Kevin Plank's story is a testament to the power of perseverance, innovation, and embracing challenges head-on. As solopreneurs, we can draw inspiration from his entrepreneurial spirit and learn valuable lessons. So let's take a page from Plank's book and dare to dream big, embrace setbacks, invest in people, and continuously innovate as we navigate our own solopreneurial journeys. The possibilities are endless!

Weekly Action Steps for Increased Productivity

I firmly believe that taking consistent, actionable steps is the key to unlocking productivity and achieving our goals as solopreneurs. Each week, I share a specific action step designed to enhance your productivity and bring more efficiency to your business. These steps are intentionally crafted with solopreneurs in mind, recognizing the unique challenges and demands you face. Whether it's decluttering your digital workspace, establishing a time management routine, or implementing effective task prioritization techniques, we've got you covered.

But here's the best part—these action steps are meant to be easily integrated into your busy schedule. We know you're juggling multiple responsibilities, so our goal is to provide you with practical, bite-sized tasks that can be accomplished without feeling overwhelmed. We want you to experience the satisfaction of making meaningful progress, one step at a time.

Firstly, one Action Item for your business:

Organizing Google Docs

Next, here's one Action Step for your personal life:

Organizing Google Docs

Did you miss Step 1 for Index Card Planning in last week's post? No problem!

Here's the link to the post: KathySchneider.com/11

*Tip: Leave days open for left-overs and eating out, based on how often you want to do each.

And just a heads up… there will be days you’ll opt to prepare something different than what’s planned… and that’s okay!

Nevertheless, I encourage you to consider this Weekly Action Steps section as your personal productivity gym. I'm here to support you on your journey toward peak productivity, helping you work smarter, not harder. With each step, you'll build new habits, refine your workflow, and unlock the full potential of your productivity.

Set Goals & Actually Achieve Them with Vision Mastery Accelerator

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Pave The Way For A More Streamlined Efficient Workflow

Organizing Google Docs is not just about tidying up your digital workspace; it's about reclaiming your time, increasing productivity, and ultimately working smarter, not harder. Now it's your turn to take the wheel. Dive into your Google Drive and implement what you've learned. Small, consistent steps will lead to big transformations over time.

I'd love to hear about your progress and the positive changes you've experienced after implementing what you've learned. Share your success stories, tips, and even the challenges you've overcome in the comments section below. Together, we can create a supportive community of solopreneurs who are mastering the art of organization and achieving remarkable results.

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